DSA Golden Gate Release

Sealing Optimizations (GA)


Supranational + Protocol Labs

Release Mission:
Optimize sealing costs with tested new open sourced software ready for GA


DSA’s first software and reference architecture release that dramatically reduces the cost to the data onboarding, or “sealing,” process for the Filecoin network by up to 90%. As a result, this allows more than 6x the amount of data to be onboarded per dollar invested.

  1. New optimized software with optimized hardware configurations will see an up to 90% reduction in sealing server costs, resulting in an up to 40% reduction in the overall cost of storage for the decentralized storage industry.
  2. Improvements to PC2 and C2 will be integrated directly into Lotus and will result in a 75-85% increased PC/C2 throughput for the entire ecosystem, lowering the amount of GPUs, leading to saving costs on energy and hosting.
  3. One single server will be able to complete all sealing tasks and achieve the same throughput as six sealing servers, reducing the amount of servers needed by 83%, and significantly reducing both CapEx and OpEx.

Check out the interview with Daniel Leon, DSA Team Lead and Kelly Olson, DSA Enterprise Working Group Member to hear about their experience working on this sealing optimization release.

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Deep dive of the sealing optimization cost saving results.


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How to get started with reference configuration documentation.


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