Adopt, develop and scale decentralized storage solutions alongside a network of industry experts

A space for innovation and business development

Be part of a network of world-leading experts including some of the greatest researchers, engineers and high-growth companies.

Working groups solving the most important challenges

Work with experts in the ecosystem, and build solutions on trusted decentralized standards to advance industry use cases and accelerate market adoption

Early access to innovations, technical strategies, and tooling

Be first to leverage DSA frameworks and tooling to execute the deployment of Filecoin solutions

DSA Global Impact

Delivering value to all aspects of the Storage Ecosystem


Learn how to adopt and use decentralized storage technologies to positively impact business and improve the way data is stored.

Hardware Vendors

Collaborate on improving hardware for decentralized storage and help develop hardware requirements that will be adopted by the ecosystem.

Storage Providers

Provide input to improve decentralized storage processes to make it easier to onboard data to the network and expand operations.

System Integrators

Develop deeper knowledge of an emerging technology to advise clients on decentralized storage and ultimately build services.

Technology Providers

Seed the long-term growth of the industry and provide domain expertise to increase the adoption of decentralized storage technologies.

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